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Word Press Search Engine Optimization With Afiliates October 4, 2009

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Hello i have found some good tips for any bloggers in Word press, placing links to your affiliates works fine and i have tested this so if you join http://www.cj.com/ and get a free account then set up as a sole trader and just put all the affiliates on your web site.

Irish Blogs

I have look for this in Word press and found nothing on the subject so if your interested in making money, with word press well go to my new web site http://www.qtelltrader.com/ and download the video in HD.

Qtelltrader is for existing business companies and 72.90 dollars will get you a full blown ecommerce web site with paypal and full shipping management cms shopping carts webdesign, this can be used for personal web sites as well with unlimited web pages, possible that word press has limited web pages but all my wholesale web sites come with unlimited web pages.

For the example below for putting affiliates on your blog look at the banner below and click on it, it you look close you will see the code going in to my affiliate account


1. ireland search engine optmization - January 23, 2010

This is a great reading. Thanks for sharing this information. We have few readers who would like to read this stuff. We will pass it on to our readers for more feedback. We are dealing with seo firms and would like to get feedback from you too. This is a nice postings indeed. Thanking You. london seo agency ireland search engine optmization

2. michael kinsella - January 23, 2010

Hello yes all my web sites are hitting page one Google all over the world, search engine optimization is good for all my ecommerce web sites and HTML web sites, I did a business web site over christmas and now makes page one for searches in Ireland and the world.

Any more help required just leave a comment and I will help


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